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Sofa bed - Guide to the best models

When you are choosing a new sofa, it may be advantageous to take into account the arrival of sudden guests, thus choosing to buy a model that, if necessary, can become a bed.

The most common concern is certainly linked to comfort. A sofa - is bed as a sofa? And when do you use it as a bed?

On this question we want to reassure you, since, the most recent models know how to respond well to your need for comfort, both as a bed and as a sofa.

Below we report the best models.

How to choose a comfortable sofa bed

The sofa bed is certainly one smart solution, because it allows you to Recover space in your stay and also offers you the opportunity to host one or more friends.

The secret to choosing a good sofa bed is first of all thickness of the mattress, this means that the more the mattress is double the greater the probability of a good rest.

In this regard, we want to suggest first of all This sofa bed 2 seats Hayden Grigio, with a steel structure, which guarantees greater stability and with 36 cm high mattress.
Slightly smaller as a sofa, but very comfortable as a bed, there is also this solution Two places Clayton Beige, with a plywood and steel structure and with 48 cm high mattress.

But why a sofa bed is truly the top in terms of comfort, it is important that it is also not bulky And very functional. In this regard, the most modern solutions also provide for the presence of a container compartment, as well as the classic bed.

Like this Malpensa sofa 3 beds of the Tortora container, with 2 rooms in which it is possible to keep blankets and cushions. Or, if you are looking for a 2 -seater solution, we recommend you This sofa bed In brown velvet, with removable trolley, therefore easy to open and sanitize.

The eye also wants its part

Let's not forget that the sofa also performs an aesthetic function.

Usually, in fact, the sofa is located in the center of the room or in any case, even if placed along the perimeter, it remains a focus very important, that's why you have to choose a solution that is also in line with it furnishing style general of the room.

Among the most appreciated design solutions, it is part This sofa bed Green oil petroleum, with 2 armrests and an iron structure resistant to scratches; The same model is also available gray.

We certainly did not forget the corner solutions! Among the most beautiful and effective sofas inside a room, the corner sofa He is an undisputed protagonist.

The most modern corner sofas manage to offer both a solution as a bed and as a container compartment. For example, take a look at This corner sofa with container peninsula, camel color.

Or, in faux leather, we suggest you This sofa bed Angular with peninsula, including two cushions in eco -leather and white and gray fabric.

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