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Scarf - How to choose the right one

Shoes in disorder? The best solution is to buy a shoe rack

Among the objects to be placed at home, the shoes are certainly among the most cumbersome.

Décolleté, sneakers, moccasins, boots or sandals, it is really complex to keep all the shoes in order and find them a location.

The choice of the right shoe rack it therefore becomes fundamental, both for a question of order and of Home furnishing.

But what are the most loved and trendy choices?

Scarpiera - How to furnish with style

The shoe racks are usually placed at the entrance, but it can happen to have a second one in another room in the house.

Precisely for this reason, one modern shoe rack Not only does it have to be functional, in terms of capacity, but must also be a real object of design.

In fact, there are several shoe racks, of several forms And models, precisely in order to be pleasant to the sight and perfectly consistent with the general furnishing style.

This means that, if the shoe rack is placed in the study, or in the salon, this will not entail an unpleasant vision of the room but, on the contrary, the shoe rack In its most modern forms, it can be a true element of value and customization within a room.

But what are the most attractive proposals on the market? We at Webmarketpoint We present the most loved and trendy models.

Scarpiera - The models

Among the most traditional models but, at the same time, even very large ones, there is this Multipurpose white shoe cabinet, with 2 sliding doors.The same model is also available in wooden color, for an even more refined and elegant furniture.

If, however, you really need a solution minimal, that can contain a few footwear, this White limelted shoe rack It is right for you, with dimensions of 63 x 24 cm cm x 80 h.

Very often, the shoe rack must be a save space, to be inserted in restricted spaces, but without forgetting its ability to capacity. In these cases, we recommend sholets developed in height, like this four doors solution plus a concrete color drawer.

If you are looking for an even more design solution, try to take a look at this shoe rack Five doors with mirror, natural oak color.

Trendy solutions

We want to point out two more solutions, with a more modern character.

The first is this shoe rack Two doors with bench, extremely useful not only to contain your shoes, but also to be able to wear them comfortable.

The second solution is this shoe rack in natural bamboo, with three shelves at sight.

The latter solution turns upside down the traditional concept footwear that is no longer considered as an object to be hidden within special spaces.

On the contrary, the shoe itself becomes a design object which, placed on one open shoe rack, with its colors and shapes can give a particular and tendency to the room style.

So whatever your furnishing preference, have fun choosing the shoe rack that best suits your needs, take a look at the entire catalog of Webmarketpoint.

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