Arredo casa 2023
House furniture 2023

Home Furniture - What are the good intentions for 2023?

We are now running out, the new year is upon us and surely someone has already started thinking about the good intentions for 2023.

Statistics declare that Italians, among the good intentions, they also insert changes to be made to their own home.

Whether it's a radical renovation, or small modifications in the furnishing style, the house is always in our thoughts.

In this regard, we thought for you to some products that could optimize your spaces and improve style.

House furniture - the kitchen

The cuisine is among the rooms of the most well -kept house.

The hearth of the house, the place where the family meets and where you can have dinner with friends, the Kitchen it's a true sacred place.

Especially if the space at your disposal is very large, you could insert simple visible elements that will help you customize the environment.

It is sufficient to choose the right products, like this wooden cutting board of Acacia, to be placed directly on the kitchen and, if necessary, you could also bring it to the table, using it as a tray for cheeses or bruschetta.

Do you need more space? In this case the solution we suggest is one chest of drawers, as this product Composed of 4 multipurpose drawers and with a very delicate design, in order to adapt to any furnishing style.
If you want to make your kitchen more elegant and refined, just place the wine bottles on sight. In this regard, we suggest you This black steel door holder, with a capacity of 10 bottles and with a modern design.

The bathroom

Another room of fundamental importance is undoubtedly the bathroom.

More and more this room is becoming a real oasis of relaxation, with great attention even to the smallest details. One of the focus of the bathroom is it mirror, our suggestion is for This mirror In concrete gray, with decisive and modern lines.
If, on the other hand, you want to make only small changes, then you could focus on objects. Just insert simple elements to give a new face to yours bathroom!

For example, we suggest you This set of baskets holder baskets In white, rich in details and with a truly pretty style.

If, even in this case, you need to more space We suggest you choose a vertical column, like this product with the mobile door, equipped, in the upper part, of some exposed shelves.

If you are also assuming to make changes to your home, discover all our selection of home objects and much more!

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