Verde d’Autunno: Cura e Bellezza del Tuo Giardino
Autumn green: care and beauty of your garden

While the warm colors of autumn paint breathtaking landscapes, the gardens are transformed, offering a show of shades and new textures. Autumn brings with it not only a change of scenario, but also new needs for the care of our plants and our green space. Let's see how to enjoy the beauty of our garden during this season and how to prepare it for the coldest months that are about to arrive.

Care of autumn plants

Autumn is the season of falling leaves, bright colors and the days that are shortened. But it is also the ideal time to take care of your plants, ensuring that they can better exceed the winter period. One of the first things to do is cleaning the garden with dry leaves and broken branches, which could suffocate the grass and other plants.

This is also the perfect time to plant spring bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths and narcissi. By placing them in the ground during the autumn, they will have the time necessary to take root and flourish as soon as the first hot ones arrive. Do not forget to plant even those vegetables that need a cold period to grow, such as garlic and shallot.

Perennial plants could need pruning, to allow them to grow stronger and lush the following spring. Also, do not forget to distribute a layer of mulch around the most delicate plants, to protect them from low temperatures.

Decorations for the garden

The garden in autumn can be transformed into a real corner of paradise, thanks to the wise use of decorations and lights. Pumpkins can become the protagonists, perhaps combined with autumn plants such as chrysanthemums and violets. Place them along the paths or near the entrance of the house, for a welcoming and seasonal effect.

The lights play a fundamental role in creating the right atmosphere. Choose warm and enveloping lights to give your garden a magical and welcoming appearance during fresh autumn evenings. LED lights, both in the shape of threads and lanterns, can be positioned along the routes, in the trees, or around the relaxation areas of the garden.

Do not forget to use natural materials such as straw, wood and stones to create original decorations and perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.

Prepare the garden for the winter

Autumn is the prelude to winter and taking care of the garden in this period means preparing it to better overcome the cold and frosts. One of the first things to do is to protect the most delicate plants, using non -fabric fabrics or small greenhouses. It is also time to empty and clean fountains and irrigation systems, to prevent the frost from damaging them.

Make sure that the potted plants are sheltered from wind and frost, positioning them near a wall or under a porch. Also, if you have fruit plants, this is the right time to prune them, ensuring better production for the year to come.

Do not forget to feed the ground, adding compost or organic fertilizer, which will have time to penetrate the soil during the winter, making it more fertile for the following spring.


Autumn is not only a season of passage, but a period full of colors, perfumes and activities for green lovers. Taking care of the garden during these months means not only enjoying a pleasant and welcoming outdoor space, but also making sure that plants and flowers can thrive in the following season.

Discover all the tools, decorations and products for the treatment of plants that has selected for you and let yourself be inspired to create your autumn corner of paradise. Visit our section dedicated to the garden and make your outdoor space an oasis of beauty and tranquility in every season!

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