Come scegliere l’albero di Natale
How to choose the Christmas tree

The choice of the Christmas tree is essential for Christmas decorations

Very little is missing and the houses startsrannOr to be decorated with Christmas festoons, decorative balls and much more!

But the real symbol of this party remains undoubtedly Christmas tree, whether she is whitewashed or all green, design or more traditional, the choice of the right model to buy is really very important!

Traditional Christmas tree

There is no Christmas that is celebrated without an ad hoc decorated tree for the occasion.

Set up your own Christmas tree It is a unique, intimate and precious experience, which is shared with who you really love.

For a few weeks the Christmas tree will become thefurnishing object The protagonist at home, that's why it is important that it is consistent with the furniture already present in that room.

If your taste approaches one more traditional style, then we advise you to choose a tree in line with your preference. For example, you will surely love This Christmas tree Bizzotto 180 cm high, with classic umbrella opening and 1623 branches to decorate as you prefer.

If, on the other hand, you prefer an already partially snowy model, in order to facilitate the decoration phase, we suggest you This Christmas tree Pino snowburn 147 cm high, with 980 branches.

Or, if you would like the white was the undisputed protagonist of your tree, try to take a look at this tree Completely snowy imperial, 210 cm tall and with 770 branches.
Still, if the space dedicated to your Christmas tree is reduced, you could opt for a solution that develops in height, as this tree of Christmas Dresda snowburn 210 cm high, with 868 branches.

Modern Christmas tree

If you are tired of the usual Christmas tree, there are many innovative solutions so as not to give up the Christmas spirit but in a completely way modern!

For example, why not opt ​​for a Pendant Christmas tree?

Take a look at this model Fiemme 150 cm high, partially snowy and with 546 branches.
Or, if you prefer a model really minimal And modern, is for you this tree Christmas with 750 LEDs already present on the branches and 220 cm tall, also suitable for external environments.

However, do not forget that sometimes to modernize even the most traditional trees it is sufficient to add some details, as This basic cover For salice tree, 57 x 28 cm.

Again, if the spirit of Christmas is not right for you, you could still choose a few mini solution, so as not to give up the symbol in itself But without too many commitments! If you are really looking for a model minimal, take a look at this tree of Christmas Imperial Mini, 35 x 60 cm and with 60 points.

Or, if you prefer an extra touch of white, we suggest you this solution Always Imperial Mini, 46 x 90 cm and with 118 points.

Our catalog presents a really large offer, therefore, whatever your need or your taste, you will surely find what is right for you!
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