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Green and cool bedroom

How to make your ecological kingdom

One of the most important environments of our home is certainly the bedroom. It welcomes us after a stressful day of work, it is ours refuge from the outside world, in short, ours corner of daily paradise

Precisely for this reason when we find ourselves furnishing it or renewing it we want at all costs that reflects what is for us beautiful, comfortable, elegant and relaxing... What if it were also eco -sustainable and fashionable?

Do you think it's not possible? 

Well in this article we will show you how with some care your old bedroom can turn into yours favorite green corner. A eco -sustainable room it's surely minimal, come on bright colors and natural materials who create the feeling of being surrounded by nature. A perfect environment for those with allergies and intolerances but also for those who do not want to come into contact with potentially toxic materials.

Certainly the first step is to choose Coverings and natural paintings, without chemical agents or complex processes, and then away with fantasy.

The furniture such as Wardrobebedside tables And weekly they will therefore be in line with the "naturalness" of the environment, choosing material e Eco-friendly processing, such as natural woods, without lacquering. But it is known that the king of this room is certainly the bed that certainly cannot be less. So with a view to ecososterability it will be of raw wood and for the tissues which it will be covered, we start cotton, linen, hemp and fabrics obtained from bamboo fiber.

But we said we don't just want one Green room, but also cool. Just for this purpose they come to help us colors and accessories.

We always start from soft colors, with shade of beige, gray and white, but give him life with details in Green turned on or in ocher yellow, playing with different shades and textures. A very cool accessory are i paintings which immediately make the refined and refined environment and which follow the mood of the whole environment. Another great ally of our green bedroom are the plant that give that touch of serenity and connection with nature cleaning the air with their filters. The most suitable plants to clean up the air are Aloe Vera, Dracena, Gerbera, Azalea and Chrysanthemum.

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