Arreda la tua casa in stile Arredamento industrial chic
Furnish your home in industrial chic furniture style

Furnish your home in industrial chic furniture style

Do you love trendy environments with touch of industrial chic furniture? 

Then you are in the right place, in this article you will discover the suggestions to furnish your home to scream.

The Industrial Chic style was born in New York in the mid -1950s, when many disused factories and industrial spaces were recovered and renovated to create large loft. Over time, these new housing spaces, while preserving the original style of the buildings, were enriched by more elegant materials, creating a more welcoming and refined variant: Industrial Chic furniture.

This style, with a metropolitan and modern cut, is characterized by its sober and clear lines and for recycled furnishings in a creative way and reused as complements with vintage charm. 

Today more and more people choose to furnish their home using this style, easily customizable and with a great visual impact, capable of giving a grunge charm to all environments. The key to obtaining an industrial chic look is Enhance the original structure, keeping, where possible, visible bricks, wooden beams or metal fixtures (the plants left on sight, give an extra touch to the environments and are able to immediately recall the industrial settings). In this article we try to highlight the elements necessary to furnish your home in the industrial chic style and we reveal some tricks to taste the different environments with taste.


The undisputed protagonist of the industrial chic kitchens, together with the metal, is certainly wood. Depending on your tastes, you can choose whether to use a light or dark wood, the important thing is that it is always left to natural, better if slightly worn, recycled, with knots and which make everything more authentic and experienced. Floors, furniture and wooden wall units give the environment the necessary heat and create a pleasant contrast with colder materials such as metal and stone.

To achieve an industrial chic effect in the kitchen, the look of the walls also plays a very important role. To restore the lived and industrial effect, from which the style takes its name, a small trick can be to recreate on one or more walls, of the opaque surfaces. For example, you can create a concrete effect wall, or create a wall with visible bricks, left naturally (small imperfections will give character to the environment).

If, on the other hand, you want to give a funny touch to your kitchen, you can paint a portion of the wall with black blackboard, this color is fine with materials such as metal and wood and contributes to achieving a kitchen with an industrial chic character.

As for the furnishings, better to opt for mobile Simple made with basic materials: iron, steel and massive wood.


The table, the real protagonist of the kitchen, to be really industrial must be hybrid, with iron legs and wooden top, perhaps surrounded by painted metal stools. Finally, in an Industrial Chic cuisine, shelves and open shelves cannot be missing, where to show off vintage objects. And the hood? Metallic, with geometric lines and strictly on display.

To transform your living room into an environment with an industrial chic, white, gray and black soul, there are undoubtedly the colors that cannot be missing.

Also in this environment of the house, wide space for iron: from tables to beliefs, from bookstores to chest of drawers, everything must be strictly with iron frame, preferably ancient ..

They cannot be missing armchair And sofas with an attractive design, with strictly leather upholstery.

In the design of the living area, lighting also plays a fundamental role, old lamps inspired in the early 1900s with decorative details, large copper flashes, modern lamps with geometric lines in brushed steel, you are spoiled for choice!

You can also use ceiling lamps leaving the visible power cables, you will be surprised to how they can integrate perfectly with the environment.


After the salon, the bathroom is one of the rooms that must always be in perfect order, especially if you have guests. To furnish it in industrial chic style, few details are enough and some precautions on the combinations to give a touch of design capable of surprising. Use geometric coverings or wooden inserts with a little vintage taste and you're done! The colors reflect the classic rules of industrial chic: from gray to brown, black and bronze.

How to choose your Industrial Chic furniture

To choose the right furniture it is good to take into account some factors:

  1. The space you have available in the environments
  2. The arrangement of the furnishings inside the premises
  3. Walls and coatings, as well as the lighting of the environments. 

Take an estimate of how many furnishings and objects you want to fix at home and try to position them all, following your imagination and the best possible position.

Well, now you are ready to furnish the house of your dreams, now you just have to put yourself at work.

Didn't you find the right elements for your home?

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